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The East Orange Opiate Rehab Center Guide to Understanding Opiates

East Orange Opiate Rehab Center

Everything you need to know about treating opiate addiction.

What Are Opiates? Opiates are defined as a medication or an illegal drug that is derived from the opium plant. Opiate drugs are classified as narcotic sedatives which depresses the central nervous system, alleviating pain, and inducing sleep. Long term use of these drugs can pr... Read More →

Relapse Prevention at East Orange Substance Abuse Recovery

East Orange Substance Abuse Recovery

Understanding Family Counseling at East Orange Substance Abuse Recovery: The Impact Addiction Has on Family

Dealing with a family member addiction to drugs can be incredibly overwhelming. Whether it’s the stress involved in getting a loved one to seek professional help or the struggle with watching a loved one battle drug dependency, a... Read More →

Understanding The Symptoms and Signs of Crack Abuse

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Symptoms and Signs of Crack Abuse

Signs of Crack abuse: What Is Crack?

Crack cocaine is a another form of the drug cocaine. Cocaine comes from coca plant leaves, and was originally used by indigenous tribes by chewing the leaves to produce a mild yet stimulating feeling. Cocaine is most commonly found in the for... Read More →

East Orange Addiction Aftercare

addiction recovery East Orange addiction aftercare programs are essential for individuals who have gone through an addiction treatment program. These people have taken an important step in recovering from addiction; however, after completing the program, the work of recovery continues. Aftercare is a facet of addiction treatment that serves to anticipate the problems... Read More →

Life After Rehab

alcohol and drug rehab Do you believe in life after rehab? Life as a drug addict can sometimes cloud any hope for a future without drugs. Drug use seeps into every area of our lives and looms so large at times that escape may seem impossible. The truth is, there is life after rehab and millions of recovering addicts are living drug free lives to prove it. The constant fl... Read More →